Meeting with Desthein

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Meeting with Desthein is an invitation to inquire into the nature of reality and living an awakened life. Each meeting begins with a period of silence, followed by a talk; then Q&A with the audience.

“Satsang is an invitation to sit into the fire of self-inquiry until there remains nothing of that which you are not”

Ongoing Satsang

Inviting inquiry into the nature of the self

Livestream Satsang

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Samedi, Sept 04, 10:00-12:00pm, 2020

– Livestream(FR) Satsang via zoom . Vancouver Time

Salt Spring Island Satsang

Friday, August 27, 6-8pm & Saturday 28, 6-8pm

Location: The Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, 355 Blackburn Road

“As you stand still in the “I am”, the “I am not” fades away; leaving you free and at peace in your natural state. You come to see the great plan laid out before you – Ascension into the Divine.”

Samedi, Juillet 04, 10:00-12:00pm, 2020

– Livestream Satsang (FR) via zoom. Vancouver Time

Friday, March 20, 8:00-9:30pm, 2020

– Livestream Satsang via zoom. Vancouver Time

“In this very time and age, what’s most essential, is to anchor yourself within the fullness of being for the Truth to be seen and lived by; for only the Truth sets you free.”

Friday, March 06, 8:00-9:30pm

Location: Vancouver Healing Center, 3612 West 4th Avenue, Studio #9

You don’t have to go beyond the mind, you just need to understand the mind and stand as the consciousness that you truly are. Only then can you be at peace with the mind; hence having a peaceful mind.

Consciousness itself, in the present of your existence, is neither touched nor concerned about it all; for consciousness only knows itself. But for you to experience this Truth within your own existence, on all levels of your being, you must cultivate such presence within consciousness that you come to see that everything is factually revolving around consciousness and not the other way round. Subsequently, you come to realize that everything of mind and existence, is also made out of the consciousness. Consciousness is the Reality of being and existence.

Friday, February 28, 8:00-9:30pm

The fact that you perceive indicates that you are not the perceived object. And as the perceiver, something also remains aware of it. Thus, something in you is both aware of an object of perception and aware of the perceiver. Furthermore, even as you’re aware of the perceiver, you’re also aware that you are aware; but at this point, awareness alone is aware that it is aware.

Awareness is that which is perfectly conscious – it is consciousness itself – immutable, eternal, omnipresent, all encompassing. Itself standing as the ever present intelligence; aware of everything taking place in itself on whatever level or plane, and at any given moment in time and space and beyond. Even within the absolute nothingness, awareness remains.

Awareness is that which simultaneously is everything and nothing. Itself everywhere and nowhere. Itself the very knowingness we’re all ultimately looking for. A knowingness found with and without a perceiver and perceived object. Thus, everything perceivable or non-perceivable is also That.

When there is no longer any separation between awareness and what it is that may or may not be perceived, there remains reality alone. In that there is beatitude, everlasting beatitude; for reality is all there has ever been and will ever be.

Friday, February 21, 8:00-9:30pm

That which you are looking for, you already are. However, you continue taking yourself for what you are not – that is everything of mind. And so you keep holding onto the idea that there is something more to experience, to acquire or become; all the while denying and resisting the reality of your lack.

The difficulty is not in knowing yourself; for you already know that you are. Knowing yourself is not something of the mind; it is a state of being – it is being itself. Knowing oneself is being oneself – they are one. To stand firm in the knowing of being is all that is needed. That knowledge is all there is, and so it is your guide – the very guide which also confirms your realization at the end of the journey. Therefore be as you are.

Friday, February 14, 8:00-9:30pm

In denying consciousness you create an unreality of existence. In denying existence you create an unreality of consciousness.

In recognizing consciousness, you smarten up. In recognizing existence you open the heart. In the balance of the two you grow in authenticity – you become the embodiment of Truth.

Friday, February 07, 8:00-9:30pm

Before and after awakening, you are. Therefore, abiding as oneself is the essential means to self-abiding-awareness. So whatever takes place in your experience is secondary. And what is experience after all? Experience means going through. Experience has a beginning and an end.

Experience takes place in relation to where you stand; whether or not you stand as who you truly are, experience becomes a confirmation of that. So experience is an after effect. Whichever experience you have is because of an already existing predisposition that you may or may not be aware of.

Whatever awareness you have of yourself determines the field of your experience. The greatest awareness you have of yourself, the more free you are from the experience. When awareness alone remains, experience ends. Reality is a seamless eternal whole — your own Self.

Friday, January 31, 8:00-9:30pm

The Truth of our being is to be found within our daily living; which underlies both this mind-body functioning and the presence of consciousness — itself the primordial source of all that rises and subsides in it as existence. Everything Is because of consciousness, and so everything as existence, Is also consciousness.

To deny the reality of existence is to overlook its Reality as consciousness, and to assert the reality of existence alone, is to deny its unreality.

To know that we are both existence and awareness is to live in a practical, integrated manner. It is to recognize that something Greater than what we take ourselves to be has chosen to experience itself within existence, by itself and for itself as the all-encompassing totality that it is.

Friday, January 24, 8:00-9:30pm

The “I” is both holding you down into believing that you are the mind-body, as it is also the very door to the realization of true being. However, true being is neither inside nor outside the mind-body. True being is all-pervading, and yet it is absolutely free from everything; itself everything and nothing. Itself the whole of consciousness and creation simultaneously. True being is all that needs to be known and held within the heart.

The “I” becomes the “I” of the Supreme when awareness of the “I” prevails.

Friday, January 17, 8:00-9:30pm

You are neither this nor that. Neither the subject nor the object of your observation. You are the pure, direct and most immediate awareness. The mind-body is also transparent to awareness, as awareness is Itself the very reality of the “I”. This awareness is said to be conscious; hence consciousness. And consciousness is experienced as a permanent undercurrent of unbroken peace – Ananda.

However, you mistake this awareness for an awareness of thoughts; which come and go. Even if you understand the basic fact that you are awareness, you still misunderstand this awareness for the knowledge of such awareness. So you come to assume that awareness is another object of mind and so it does not work! Contradictorily, you come to attach a sense of self onto such object of knowledge.

And so, deep within you remain restless, unsatisfied, unfulfilled and possibly the prey of fear and desire. As a result of much experience of something other than yourself, thinking that you’ve acquired much knowledge around awareness, you are convinced that you, as this mind-body, have come to the place of ultimate Truth; easily justifying remaining self-absorbed and in denial of issues of lack, and thus ultimately delusional.

As much as you think you have an understanding of what awareness really is, all you can really be sure of, is that you are. The “I” that you constantly refer to is itself the door to either experiencing the limitations of the mind-body, or the limitless nature of the consciousness that you are first and foremost. Your decision to remain in consciousness or not is a choice that you make on a daily basis.

Until the false sense of “I” is completely discarded, the permanency of Ananda cannot take place. So is the integration and embodiment of Ananda. Thus, abiding steadfastly in the “I” is Sadhana, until the “I-I” takes you over. And yet “you” will not be around to know about it. Ananda alone will remain.

Friday, January 10, 8:00-9:30pm

Every moment belongs to the Self. So every moment’s task is to be of service to That. But the Self is misunderstood as the immaterial plane alone and standing apart from our day to day experience of this material plane with all its seeming dichotomies and problematic.

Within the Self, both the immaterial and the material planes take place and exist in relation to each other and not separately. Because all planes are interconnected, you do not need to give priority to one plane and discard another plane. That leads to disillusionment and sorrow.

To find the Self is to see the interconnection of the immaterial and the material planes and live accordingly. Only then is it possible to experience the whole in an integrated manner.

All planes are of relative nature and should be considered in relation with the whole. They are said to exist; not to be. The Self alone Is.

Friday, January 03, 8:00-9:30pm

How can you know of That which existed before your birth? All knowledge is conceptual and does not lead to That which stands prior to mind. The mind is a pale reflection of consciousness which we come to veil in following and taking the mind for oneself, hence our misery.

Any knowing that you may have awakened to consciousness or that you will, is entirely false. Anything knowable, conceptual and perceivable lies within the mind. What is left to do then but simply stay still, not hanging onto any thought? Then whether you have achieved or will achieve any state of consciousness is no longer relevant. Something other than yourself is now flowing through naturally, spontaneously and without a cause for you to know. Prior to knowledge, you are. Anything knowable is a parody!

At the most, it is enough to know what you are not and be done with it.

Friday, December 20, 8:00-9:30pm

The proof that you’re not simply this mind-body, is that you can perceive it. Your way of perceiving the perceived, is also how you shape your experience of it. The perceived object becomes of the same nature as the perceiver. Furthermore, without perceiver, no perceived object. Therefore, know the perceiver; for depending on your knowledge of the perceiver, will you be able to understand directly, factually what it is you are perceiving; if indeed there is anything left to be perceived!

The true nature of everything is all that needs to be known. That which is undefinable, in-graspable, immeasurable but yet most immanent, immutable and absolute as the very Truth of everything perceivable and imperceivable. The Self is the only reality. Everything is This. You are This. This, is known and experienced as Bliss.

Friday, December 13, 8:00-9:30pm

To stand as the “I am” is what’s most essential in life. It makes the difference between ignorance and intelligence; between standing as who you’re not and who you truly are; thereby experiencing a genuine sense of harmony and balance versus struggle and dilemma through life.

In the “I am”, nothing touches you, all thoughts, emotions and sensations cannot trouble you because there is no sense of personal-hood; therefore no resistance nor grasping, no expectation nor projection; no desire nor fear. In such independence and freedom, everything gets to be infused by the Beyond. In return, all thoughts, emotions and sensations give you a taste of the sublime nature of everything; for everything is given life by the Supreme.

The “I am” is the golden gate to a world of pure value, beauty and sacredness. Alone is the reality of the Supreme in the knowing and embodiment of one’s true nature as the “I am”.

Friday, December 06, 8:00-9:30pm

Because of awareness you exist as this “I”. Thus, the “I” must also be made out of awareness. But since such “I” focuses its attention into objects of mind, it comes to modulate and mistake itself as this second-hand “I”.

Nothing is wrong with this “I”; for its apparent existence is to force you, through karma and suffering, to inquire into its nature until such nature is revealed as awareness itself. Only then may the immutability of the true “I” affirm itself as the “I-I”. The “I-I” is Truth.

Friday, November 29, 7:30-9:00pm

The very basis of all experiences, without the superimposition of the mind, is one seamless ever present Reality. In It the parts, the entities, the objects, time and space, life and death become transparent without any intrinsic independent existence.

Nothing is closer to or further from experiencing Reality; as nothing is made out of anything other than Itself. Reality is the only substance in any experience. Without the awareness and the knowing of Reality, experience is contrived within the illusion of separation. As Reality, experience reveals its immanent wholeness and immutability.

Reality as the Truth is experienced through Consciousness as Bliss.

Thursday, October 10, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

Location: 3755 West 6th Ave, East Wing, Buzz #122, Vancouver BC

Reality is all there is. Everything else is a mode of perception which we come to take for reality, imposing limitations onto oneself and creating our misery.

There is no intellect behind this display of existence. Therefore, do not interfere with the way everything unfolds, for all is happening of its own accord. Do whatever you’re called to do but without a sense of doership. Let go of fear and desire and your actions and thoughts will not bind you.

Everything is as it is. To firmly grasp this truth and live accordingly is liberation.

Inviting inquiry into the nature of the self

Saturday October 5, at 10am to 12am & 2pm to 4pm
Sunday October 6, at 10am to 12am

“The proof that you are is that you say I am. Thus, rest as that I am and everything that you are not will fall away naturally”

Thursday, September 26, 7:00-9:00pm

When seeing takes place by itself independently of the mind, consciousness reveals itself to itself as the only reality there is.

Whatever arises out of reality also returns to reality of its own accord spontaneously. There is no confusion or paradox in That.

Contrarily, the apparent duality of the seer and the seen, which is the cause of all our troubles, is a distortion that the mind creates upon seeing.

Thus, direct seeing is the only requirement, allowing reality to stand out, overflowing one’s sense of being. Pure being remains.

Friday, September 19, 7:00-9:00pm

The notion that who we are must be found in time is untrue; for who we are is itself timeless, ever present and has thus never been lost. Who we are, we already and forever are. What we appear to be we are not.

Therefore, discard what you are not. You remain.

Friday, September 13, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

There are no degrees of experience of Reality. All experience revolves around a subject of experience. Reality is not an experience; for in Reality there is no subject existing apart from experience. It is more important to know the subject than to seek the experience; for all experiences must be confirmed by you first.

You must seek to know what the subject is and find out for yourself whether there is any such subject existing apart from Reality.

Once you find out who you truly are as Reality, then you no longer seek experience; for the experience is then also found to be of the same nature as of Reality Itself. Reality alone remains.

Friday, September 06, 7:00-9:00pm

The Supreme alone is the reason of this play of existence; for the Supreme is reality. And yet, what it is we perceive as existence, depends on whom it is who perceives it. The very way of perceiving anything determines what it is that is perceived. All things perceivable are not the Supreme for the Supreme cannot be known, only realized. In fact, realization of the Supreme takes place in Itself, by Itself and for Itself because the Supreme is everything and nothing and beyond.

The Supreme does not engage in actions, nor suffer delusion. The Supreme does not know anything apart from Itself, for It only knowns Itself. Even in the case of a human being, unaware of oneself, the Supreme remains enlightened.

When the beingness turns inward and rests as itself, it is endowed with consciousness and becomes active according to the divine qualities that now dominate it. Be as you are.

Thursday, August 29, 7:00-9:00pm

The world is perceived and experienced on account of sensory responses which are interpreted and conceptualized through a brain and nervous system that is the mind. Without the mind, there is no sensory response, without which there is no perceived or experienced world either. Similarly, without consciousness, there is no awareness of mind. Furthermore, prior to consciousness lies the infinite potentiality of the Supreme. None of consciousness or existence as a whole would even take place otherwise. Therefore, the Supreme is the only Truth behind the scene of appearances taken as reality by the dreamer.

For the dreamer the world is real, but unreal to the core.
For the awakened one the world is unreal, but utterly real to the core.

Weekend of Inquiry on Salt Spring Island
August 16-17-18

Friday August 16, 7:30pm
SSI Wellness Center 120 Hereford Ave
Saturday August 17, 4pm and Sunday August 18, 10am & 3pm

“The Supreme alone is the reason of this display we call the world. Thus, leave it to the Supreme and you will see the Supreme everywhere and in everything”

Thursday, August 15, 7:00-9:00pm

In being aware of yourself you also become aware that you are awareness itself and that awareness alone is aware. Out of standing as awareness you come to flow with everything of existence. You come to neither desire nor fear anything coming your way inwardly and outwardly. You take everything as it is. You observe the actual as it happens without holding onto the idea that it is happening to you.

All phenomena are taking place in the field of your observation but not to you – the observer. Even the observer you are not. You are the infinite potentiality of which the fullness of consciousness and existence is the creative expression.

Thursday, August 1, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

There is no need to ever struggle with yourself as this individual but there is a need to come to complete acceptance of such individual as it is without any desire to change it; for this individual is not quite yourself. You, as the truth of yourself, are the awareness of such individual.

Only when such individual will be seen in the light of pure awareness will there be a possibility for the truth itself to overflow your experience of yourself as bliss.

Satsang intensive on Salt Spring Island
July 19-20-21

Saturday July 20, 10am & 7pm
Sunday July 21, 10am

Satsang intensive is an unique opportunity to experience an intensity of deepening that hardly takes place otherwise. You also come to share a spirit of community with people with the same intention as to immerse oneself in truth and to live it.

“The greatest realization is to know yourself
as the fullness of life itself”

Tuesday, July 16, 7:00-9:00pm

Nothing you do will change you. Nothing you can do will bring you closer to yourself as you are. You can only affect a change on the level of what you are not. You may bring about a change on the surface but never any lasting fundamental change; for you are coming from the mind – itself an activity on the surface, itself changing all the times.

The change will not take you to the changeless. Because you already are the changeless you can witness the change. All you need is a clarity of understanding; for you are already liberated without your knowing. You’ve only mistaken yourself for something you are not. In seeing who you are not, you are free of it!

Saturday, April 13, 7:00-9:00pm

For any experience to be experienced, there must first be an experiencer who stands outside such experience. Reality is not an experience because within reality, the experiencer and the experience merge together in infinity.

Reality is and remains before and after all possible experiences. What is, never comes nor goes. What is, is eternal, absolute and thus remains the everlasting substratum of all that exists – from consciousness to creation. All experiences take place in Samsara. In Nirvana, all experiences end; for there remains no one left to experience anything as apart from itself. Nirvana alone is. Samsara never came into existence.

Friday, April 05, 7:00-9:00pm

That which permeates the entirety of consciousness and creation without any volition while setting the stage for everything to perform their respective functions, as in the mere presence of the sun water evaporates, plants grow, flowers blossom, people go on with their daily activities, That whose heart gives life to everything and yet does nothing — That I am.

That which seems non-existent truly exists
That which seems to exist truly doesn’t
Thus, the one who knows its own non-existence, alone is truly alive

Wednesday, March 27, 7:00-9:00pm

As a person you are confused and will keep looking outwardly for a sense of purpose and fulfillment. As a person you are not yourself but a mere thought-product, influenced and driven by a collective. As long as you’ll be hypnotized by this person, your seeking will never end; for such a person never came into existence other than as a dream.

Independently of the person you mistake for yourself, the Self remains as the only reality. Being the only reality, It is also yourself but found within. The Self is the only Master who will stay with you and guide you to your realization; for the Self Is the realization.

Thursday, March 21, 7:00-9:00pm

As long as a world is seen, the Self is not seen.
When the Self is seen, no world is seen.
When the Self is realized within, the world is seen as the Self.

Thursday, March 14, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

Reality cannot be experienced. It is not an event that comes and goes. Reality simply is. There may be different experiences but that which knows these, is beyond these, and is one and the same. Experiences may come and go but do not happen to you.

Reality can certainly be seen as the primordial element found within all experiences but not as one conceives it nor seeks it. Only from the body-mind stand point are there experiences. The experiencer is itself an experience which appears and disappears in your observation.

Reality is veiled when the body-mind directs the attention onto a world which never comes into existence, if not at the level of your own imposed limitations and ignorance. By searching outwardly you overlook what’s already there, never coming to find it – like a dog chasing its own tale. Reality reveals Itself, by itself, into Itself as That which alone Is.

Tuesday, March 05, 7:00-9:00pm

What we call the mind is not the mind. There is no mind standing on its own as an objective mechanism. What gives an apparent reality to a mind, is in how we rely on a mind to perceive such a mind. As long as we’re in the mind, there is a perceived mind. No mind to perceive from, no mind to be perceived otherwise. We actually choose to perceive anything through a mind; thereby creating a world of minds.

Mind is a way of perceiving but nothing in and of itself; for where is mind, when no mind to perceive a mind? Whether there is a mind or no mind, something knows that. That which knows is consciousness – the only real subject. In consciousness there is no dichotomy, no duality between an observer and something observed. There is only a direct seeing, experiencing and living. Everything may appear in consciousness but soon disappears in it. Thus, anything appearing and disappearing is unreal.

Don’t look for yourself in the unreal; for all your troubles only appear in the unreal. See, realize that you are the silent reality at the heart of all that exists and you will find liberation. Reality never comes nor goes. Overlook the movable and you will find that reality is all there is.

Monday, February 25, 7:00-9:00pm

When asking yourself the question “who am I”, you find no answer! The mind has no where to go and becomes silent. In the silence alone, you are. The silence never left you. It has only been covered up with the noise of mind; out of which you’ve taken yourself to be who you’re not and suffered from its non-existence. You can only be who you are. You can only appear to be who you’re not.

If no answer can be found in the question “who am I”, why holding onto the idea of yourself? Don’t be fooled by the mind. The idea may appear in you, but you are prior to such an idea. See that there is no mind and all its stories will also leave you alone in peace and unbroken in the silence of pure being. Who you are is already complete and immutable.

Monday, February 18, 7:00-9:00pm

To abide as the ultimate reality is to embrace the totality, which contains all that is to be known within the unknown. Infinite being is itself all the possible knowing within the entirety of the unknown. It is the known and the unknown interwoven. It is that which lies beyond all understanding. It can only be known directly, without an intermediary.

Direct knowing can only take place from the unknown, for the unknown contains everything to be known. Direct knowing is in fact a pure state of not knowing anything at all – for infinite being is everything to be known.

Monday, February 11, 7:00-9:00pm

It is easier to stay at the source of the thought than to comprehend the thought; for that which strives to understand a thought, is itself a thought. You end up pursuing one thought over another thought – an endless loop which stands between you and the truth of yourself as consciousness. So it is more a matter of removing the veil of reactive thinking than to seek consciousness; for you are already the consciousness without knowing it.

What stabilizes is not consciousness. Consciousness is already stabilized as the wholeness and immutability that it is. Consciousness is infinite and cannot be pursued or understood by the finite mind. What stabilizes, is the mind. The mind stabilizes as it is seen for the mind it is, which never goes beyond thoughts and never points at anything real, only at other thoughts. When such discernment is practiced, the mind slowly stabilizes, thereby leaving you alone and at one with consciousness. There comes a time when consciousness stands forth as the only truth.

Monday, February 4, 7:00-9:00pm

When self-realization takes place, it is not that the mind disappears.
In contrary, mind is simply understood for what it is and left to its
proper basic function; thereby no longer obstructing the knowing of
your true being.

You come to realize that mind never even touched you in any way. The mind never existed other than as a shadow; demanding no control or change, and not even requiring any understanding of its content. For there is no content attached to the mind other than through identification with the mind.

You come to realize that you are consciousness alone; that consciousness itself is the freedom you have been longing for.

Monday, Jan 28, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

You are so driven by the thought that you come to believe it into existence. If you don’t have an interest in the thought, it loses its story. You don’t have to struggle with the thought nor do anything about it. It simply doesn’t exist.

Ignorance, is ignorance of the Self and to remove ignorance, knowledge of the Self is required. When you come to such knowledge of the Self, ignorance ends; along with its story.

Grace is given to the one who seeks knowledge of the Self; for the Self alone is the giver of Grace.

Monday, Jan 21, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

You are not simply a mind-body. You are permeated by something Greater than what you perceive and experience as yourself. That which appears to live within the mind-body is not a mind-body.

It is the Greater who says “I am”; it is the Greater Itself who comes to recognize Itself, by Itself and for Itself – within “you”. To know this “I am” is to know the Greater.

Monday, Jan 14, 7:00-9:00pm, 2019

The essential knowledge worth pursuing is the knowledge “I am”. A knowledge that neither comes nor goes, as opposed to any other knowledge of a relative nature. “I am” is universal and permanent. “I am” is prior to and after all knowledge; for all knowledge is only possible because of the “I am”. All knowledge must first be confirmed by that “I am”.

The “I am” is the direct means to free oneself from the “I am not”. “I am” is freedom itself. “I am” is reality! The “I am not” never came into existence.

Tuesday, Jan 08, 7:00-9:00pm

Time as past, present and future is a product of thought. Even the now is a thought. The now being a thought cannot be lived other than as a sporadic interval between the past and the future. It is not enough to live in the now. You must die to the now – die to the “I-thought” that forever strives to continue, but in vain.

To die now means to discard all notions of time; to see that when you are altogether without concepts, there remains no time whatsoever. The concept of now may become a means for the “I-thought” to pretend that it exists and that it can satisfy itself within the construct of time. And yet all there is in one’s essential direct experience, is the reality of the beyond.

To die now is to witness the ending of time. It is to be reborn into timelessness – the true nature of reality.

Thursday, Jan 03, 7:00-9:00pm

Without realizing who one truly is, one is repeatedly consumed by random pursuits and worries in an endless loop of suffering. We strive to consolidate a life that will never take place other than as a dream.

Both mind and body are intermittent states. The repetition of these sporadic fragments creates the illusion of this world; therefore, to enquire into what is permanent in the transient – real in the unreal – is the practice. And yet, a most fundamental earnestness is necessary. This is not a mere mode of ideas but an utmost presence of being. You must become one with such practice.

You must want to know yourself before anything else. You must dive into the sense of “I am” deeper and deeper, until the very purity of the “I am” prevails. Only then will you be embraced by the Beyond. As such, it is not that you come to give up everything of this world, but it is that all the things of this apparent world lose their meaning. It is that you come to perfectly realize that the very world that appears before you Is the Beyond. The world is real only when “I am”.

Thursday, Dec 27, 7:00-9:00pm, 2018

You yourself are the Supreme reality but you don’t know it when all you rely on is what the mind tells you; but you are not the mind, you are the consciousness which knows the mind. Therefore it belongs to you to discern whether you are in the mind or not – and that you are simply consciousness itself.

The mind is the cause of all your dilemmas and yet, in and of itself, the mind is an innocent mechanism of reasoning. Only when you rely on the mind to know yourself and understand reality do you get lost in a world that does not exist. Only consciousness is said to be, and not the apparent modifications taking place in consciousness.

Know the consciousness and live by the consciousness and the mind will reflect the clarity inherent to consciousness. It is when no wind disturbs the surface of a lake that the moon shines forth. Similarly, when the consciousness rests in its natural state the mind comes to reflect such clarity.

You do not come to self-realization. You come to see the false as the false and as such the Truth reveals Itself. Only then may the blessings of the Supreme be bestowed upon you.

Monday, Dec 17, 7:00-9:00pm

The world appears to you on account of your modes of perception. The world takes form in you, through you and because of you. It is you who perceives a world. No world comes to tell you that it exists. The world appears so real to you because you think of it all the time. No thinking of your world, no world; only peace prevails – the true world of your inner self.

You are so convinced of what it is you are and want, while never being it nor getting it; hardly convinced of what it is you already are and have which alone can satisfy you.

You mistake the outer world for the inner world and this is the misconception. Understand that your modes of perception and your world are one and the same; that you are both the creator and destroyer of your world, and that you stand beyond the world – forever free.

Thursday, May 3, 7:00-9:00pm, 2018

The “I am” gives existence to the mind. The mind gives existence to perception which gives rise to a perceived world. Only because of “I am” is such a world perceived, but “I am” is not this world. This world is unreal but as the “I am” the world is real for there is only the “I am”.

However long your life may be, it is but a moment and a dream. The “I am” is beyond all attributes and does not exist in time and space. The “I am” simply is – eternal life. Time and space is a mode of perception as all attributes may appear in the light of awareness but cannot describe the “I am”.

Don’t seek for yourself in a world that does not exist other then as a perception. Question such perception as of the perceiver. Inquire into the self until you know yourself and are stripped of everything you are not. Then and only then will the “I am” shine forth as the only reality. “I am” is the start and end of the journey.

Thursday, April 26, 7:00-9:00pm

It is our common experience to say “I am” or “life is”. Who says that? Or who is it that is aware of that “I am” or that “life is”? However, our attention is mostly driven by the objects of thought taken for that “I am”, such as “I am this or that” or that “life is like this or like that”. Otherwise, we then most often rely on the ideas about ourselves as for what life is about; hardly ever seeing ourselves as who we really are or seeing life as it really is. But this is a common situation. It is merely that our attention fixates on objects of mind, thereby overlooking one’s true nature and what life really is. All because we’re letting the mind lead the way!

The mind comes to stand as the observer apart from an observed object as if these were two separate things. That is the problem – the very problem that humanity has always faced; the very basis of all duality. Unless, ultimately, one is dedicated to inquire into the nature of the self, one will be living out of this default mode – that is to be driven by the mind. Until one comes to perfectly understand who one truly is and what life really is, one will simply keep believing in something one is not and suffer from such assumption; as one will keep pursuing a mirage called life.

It is not difficult to clearly realize who one is or what life is really about. For all there is, in our day to day experience, is the Consciousness out of which one says “I am” or that “life is”. To abide as the Truth of what It is that says “I am” or that “life is”, is all there is to do. Then we are at home and no longer mistake ourselves for something we are not, as we no longer mistake life for what is not. Then and only then will there be peace, clarity and precision of thought and order and balance in action. It is to honor Grace and live by the power and splendor of Grace. Grace is the way of being and life.

Thursday, April 19, 7:00-9:00pm

This moment is your opportunity to be and know yourself as that “I am”. For you cannot rely on your mind to come to any conclusion about yourself. In fact, your mind is of no use if you’re that concerned about knowing who you truly are.

“I am” is the greatest knowledge. And this is why you know knowledge. So what is this “I am” that allows you to even perceive anything? What is this “I am” that is ever present regardless of everything that comes and goes? What is this “I am” that never gets to be filled by anything of mind and yet remains?

It is the very desire to know which keeps you entangled into everything you are not. And yet, you, the power of the “I am” abides. If such “I am” is not trapped into knowing, then you find true knowledge, universal knowledge; knowledge of That which knows that “I am”.

Weekend of inquiry on Salt Spring Island

Friday, April 13, 7-9pm, April 13-14-15, 2018

Location: Salt Spring Center of Yoga (Satsang Room)
355 Blackburn Rd, Salt Spring Island

Sat, Sun 14-15, 2-4pm

Location: 123 Deer Park Road, Salt Spring Island

“Awakening will take place when the dreamer comes to the realization that its view is merely an interpretation, superimposed over the truth of life. To awaken is to see clearly and directly, without an intermediary”

Thursday, April 12, 7:00-9:00pm

Location: 3755 West 6th Ave, East Wing, Buzz #122, Vancouver BC

What is the way to the knowledge of the Self? You Are the Self! There are no two selves. Only through the mind is multiplicity taking place as the play of the world. The Self is and nothing is without the Self.

To know oneself, is to know the Self and when the Self is known then the reality of this world is also known. As the light of the Self passes through the mind, one overlooks the knowing of one’s true nature. But it is the Self which freely overlooks the knowing of its own infinity and thus assumes the form of this separate self. Only from the standpoint of a separate self can a world be seen.

Thursday, April 05, 7:00-9:00pm

Don’t just assume that you need to do something in order to change what is happening with you. For everything about you must appear in something greater than you. You, the consciousness, has fallen into the assumption of being limited to this mind-body; and now striving to become, to experience or realize something out of such assumption, but in vain.

You’ve come so far only to understand that what you’ve taken yourself to be, you are not. You are the consciousness aware of itself. Until you find this out, you’ll continue to be confused and seek outwardly as if there were an outer world apart from the consciousness. Find the consciousness. Rest as the consciousness. For there is only consciousness. The very purpose of existence is to confirm the truth of consciousness.

Thursday, March 29, 7:00-9:00pm

The one who struggles and strives to change or become other then itself, is the one who needs to be looked at. So it is essential to go into the nature of the one who says “I”, rather then being immersed into the objects of attention of such “I”. You must find the root of the one you take yourself to be. Because you focus on the thoughts of the “I”, you overlook who you truly are.

You must first understand yourself, as you are. Out of that understanding there arises utmost clarity. In clarity no need to be concerned about anything else then the Truth of who you are. Then there is no longer any thoughts, emotions, feelings or actions that are not serving such Truth. The Truth is life and the way.

Spontanious Satsangs on Salt Spring Island

March 26-27-28, from 7 to 9pm, 2018

Location: 123 Deer Park Road, Salt Spring Island

“Satsang is not a teaching but an occasion to acknowledge the truth of oneself, standing revealed as the only reality.”

Thursday, March 22, 7:00-9:00pm, 2018

Location: 3755 West 6th Ave, East Wing, Buzz #122, Vancouver BC

The proof that one is not the mind is that something is aware of the mind. Prior to the mind there is awareness. Awareness prevails whether there is mind or no mind. Whether you’re consciously aware or not aware, something is aware of that. This awareness never leaves you, for it is you. Awareness points at the truth of yourself.

And yet, your attention fixates on objects of mind and then you try to find yourself in these objects of mind. It’s an endless journey. For one object of mind will only lead to another object of mind until the futility of such process is perfectly understood. Than it becomes clear that you are awareness itself. Awareness alone is aware.

Weekend of inquiry on Salt Spring Island

December 15-16, Friday 7-9pm, Saturday 2-4pm, 2017

Location: 123 Deer Park Road, Salt Spring Island

“Grace is immanent, forever present. But for it to be operative, you must be in a place to impart it. In order to fill up a bowl of water from the river, you must fully immerse the bowl first. If you want Grace to fill up your being, you must fully immerse yourself in the Self. Only then will Grace settle in you as beatitude.”

Thursday, December 14, 7:00-9:00pm

From the standpoint of the Self, there is only the Self; and no veiling of Itself. So how can it be difficult to realize that one is the Self? It can only be the simplest thing to realize, since there is only That. What makes the realization difficult, precisely, is that you take the mind for being who you are; that is all.

If you are in the mind and taking the mind for yourself, the very question is whether you can look at the mind without the mind. Without the mind to look at the mind, there remains no mind. Only the truth of who you are. There comes the revelation that there has never been any mind – only the Self. You are That.

Thursday, December 7, 7:00-9:00pm

In giving too much importance to thinking, you come to be ruled by thinking, thereby coming to mistake yourself for this thinking mind which you hardly dare question. Only because you hold onto the thoughts, are you driven and burdened by the thought patterns.

You are not the thought patterns, you are the Self. Prior to the notion of being this thinking mind, you are. Thus, if you stay as you are, you do not need to worry about what is going on with the mind and what it means. For you no longer derive a sense of self from anything of the mind. There remains no one to think or do anything, so no thoughts should settle on you. No thoughts can bind you if there is no one to keep them around.

You do not need to see yourself as this thinking mind. If you are the Self then neither the mind or body, neither any thought or any world can give you trouble. These may be there. Let them be. Stay put in the light of the Self and you shall only see the Self; for all is the Self

Thursday, November 30, 7:00-9:00pm

All your concerns, pursuits, worries, attachments and what not, revolve around the notion of being something you are not; that is the self-image. This self-image is made out of fleeting thoughts and nothing else. And yet, only because of that one thought you may gather in your mind in the moment and identify with, is there such a burden as that self-image that you take yourself to be.

The one thought you may be driven by in the moment gives rise to all other thoughts which you come to associate with and from which you derive a sense of self. Thus, if you leave aside that one thought, no other attachments can bind you. You are no longer mistaking yourself for that which you are not. You come to be who you truly are.

There is no need to get rid of all attachments before you can establish yourself into Reality. You control that one thought in the moment and so you control all associated thoughts which bind you into the wheel of samsara. All that is needed, is to let go of that one thought in the moment, which is easy to do. When you take control of that one thought in the moment, you are out of samsara and Nirvana alone remains.

Thursday, November 23, 7:00-9:00pm

You do not come to a place of self-realization. For you are already and forever self-realized but you are simply unaware. You come to understand that you have only veiled your true nature. You have woken up from a dreamed world in which you have mistaken yourself to be something other than who you are; something you’ve never been and will never be.

There arises the knowing that what you have taken yourself to be, never came into existence. This is self-realization; there is nothing more direct and immediate than that. You come to see who you are as the very “I am” of the “I am” that you can only be. Stay put in the knowing of that “I am”; for you are That which alone knows the “I am”. “I am that I am” is the Truth.

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Friday, Nov 17, 7h00-9h00pm & Weekend of Inquiry Nov 18-19, 2017

Location: Salt Spring Center of Yoga (Satsang Room)
355 Blackburn Rd, Salt Spring Island

Thursday, November 16, 7:00-9:00pm

There is nothing out there for you, as there is no one out there to give you what it is you are looking for. What you are looking for, you already have. You can only already be yourself – but you look externally; thereby overlooking yourself. You rely on vain externalities only to strengthen the illusion of being something other than what you are.

It is up to you alone to know yourself and nobody else can bring you there. Only when you find yourself will you be convinced of the truth. All there is to do, is simply be and know oneself.

To look outside of oneself, is like a dog chasing its own tale and this is the irony; for at the moment you’re looking outside, you’re no longer home. You become a vacant stranger. Void to yourself and further drawn to look for yourself outside. You become a bottomless bowl which will never be filled.

Here, through self-inquiry, the invitation is to look and rest as you are. To go inside and dive deeper and deeper – letting go of all resistance and all thought pursuits, until you come to a place of perfect peace. Only then will you realize your true nature, that is itself complete; self realized. The end of the seeking takes place in and by oneself. There remains self-realization alone.

Thursday, November 9, 7:00-9:00pm

The Self cannot be experienced for it is not an object. Only objects can be experienced. You do not experience yourself, for you can only experience something external, other than yourself. No matter the experience, the experiencer can only be one and the same; that is the Self.

There is no individual experiencing itself as apart from a perceived world. In the Self there is no subject and object dichotomy as there are no divisions, no distinctions, no delineations and no degrees. There is neither an inward dimension nor an outward dimension. There is only a seeming movement between consciousness and existence as creation. There are different experiences as grades of experience for the apparent individual but not of reality; for in the Self there is only Itself; forever knowing Itself, by Itself, into the wholeness of Itself. There is no individual to experiences the Self for there is only the Self.

Thursday, November 2, 7:00-9:00pm

In the Self, there are no wants, no desires nor any idea of freeing oneself from anything. There is neither any endeavor to reach any state, nor to arrive anywhere. In the Self there is no doubt about whether anything is needed. There is only beatitude; for the Self is the very fullness of life – nothing to be added to, nor to be taken away from.

The one who seeks is not you. For you are not the thought that comes and goes. You are the immutable peace that is of the nature of who you truly are. Always remember that, and everything else will lose its meaning.

What you really need, you already have; but you keep believing that you need what you cannot have. This is the problem; but this is precisely what the thought is about – making you believe in something that does not exist. Don’t get entangled in the thought and the thought should leave you untouched in the radiance of your truth. There is no other goal but to get established in the Self; for the Self is the reason of your very being.

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Friday, Oct 27, 7h00-9h00pm & Weekend of Inquiry, 2017

Location: Salt Spring Center of Yoga (Garden House)
355 Blackburn Rd, Salt Spring Island

Thursday, October 26, 7:00-9:00pm

The Self is the only reality. Thus, enlightenment is that which comes to reveal itself to itself, by itself and into itself. Here, there is no one left to perceive anything as there is nothing to perceive. There is only the Self.

There are no two selves, just apparent modulations of the one Self. In the daily waking state, where one is found to be in the mind and giving ways to a perceived material world, the Self is mistaken for the “I-thought” around which all thoughts revolve. Whereas in the dream state, it is the opposite – the “I-thought” revolves around the subtle thoughts out of which subtle worlds are perceived. In the dreamless state there are no thoughts and therefore no “I-thought”. There remains space and a pure sense of being that is universal. Thus, primarily, this is what we communally share as the foundation of being-ness, devoid of forms, qualities and attributes. Beyond the dreamless state is that which is aware of the purity of being-ness. Awareness aware of itself and thus the ultimate witness.

That which permeates it all, while beyond it all, is the Self. That into which all these states are seen within a whole, and integrally part of a whole not different from the whole, is the Self. It is the beginning and end of all states; from the purest as awareness aware of itself, to the very gross, material world of perceived objects. In the Self, there isn’t even any distinction made between any of these states, for they are not real in the absolute sense. They are the externalities of the Self but not the Self. Thus, it is only in relation with states, that the Self may be seen as a state. And yet, the Self is stateless. It is That which contains all states and yet Itself is beyond all states.

All sense of separate self comes in and out of these states again and again and again. The only reason why we experience such intermittent states, is because of a lack of knowing who we truly are. Out of this ignorance one seeks and desires, causing suffering.

If you can keep the mind at its source, at the heart of the being-ness, in its utmost purity and universality while witnessing the states passing by for the states they are, you can find inner peace. Even within any state, for all states are all transparent and transient and thus made out of the same substance as, and known by, the Self that you are. The Self is all there is. Know the Self and you shall know everything.

Thursday, October 19, 7:00-9:00pm

The purpose of this life is not to become, but to understand who you are and be who you are. It is not the mind that tells you that you are. Only because you are, the mind is. You are the being of the mind and it is not the mind that gives you a sense of being. The being is immutable, immanent and permanent and does not need a mind, whereas the mind is thought dependent and time bound, thus intermittent and fleeting. The mind can only derive its existence from being.

Even when you identify with the mind, being remains but obstructed; like a cloud superimposed over the sun. Mind or no mind, being remains. However, you do not recognize the being from a place of mind. As you simply let go of the mind and rest in yourself, the being stands revealed as the primary sense of “I am”.

In being there is only unity and wholeness. No duality or gap between thinking and doing; no separation between an inner and an outer world. In being, everything appears and happens spontaneously in relation with the totality that being is all about. In reality there isn’t even any mind, there is only being, out of which there arise countless possible minds. Nothing to be so concerned about for being remains detached, unaffected by what may take place on the surface of itself as all possibilities; for the sun remains the sun, never touched by the play of lights and colors.

No need to rewrite your life’s script. What needs to happen will happen. What is not going to happen will not happen. No need to seek anything nor to avoid anything; but it is your responsibility to recognize and stand as the being that you are. Only then will you find freedom; thus mastering your destiny. The purpose of living is to firmly abide as who you are and to see your existence as a confirmation of the Truth that you are.

Thursday, October 12, 7:00-9:00pm

There is no individual existing apart from the Self; for you are the Self. You do not become what you already are. You can only let go of the wrong idea that you are something else than yourself. You must see that you are taking the mind for yourself and then inquire as to whether you are the mind. The very seeing of the mind, underlies that you are not the mind.

To stay put in seeing that you are not the mind, is, in and of itself, all there is to do. Everything else takes care of itself. This is to keep the inner purity of being alive, thereby injecting such Divine quality into all facets of your very existence, and to see a world as an emanation of That. Everything is, because of the Self. The Self is all.

Thursday, October 05, 7:00-9:00pm

The Supreme makes everything possible, that is all. It is only because you let the thought direct the course of your attention, that you come to believe that you are the thought, apparently standing, as it were, as the thinker of the thought. There is no need to look into the thought in order to understand the cause of anything for there is no cause of anything independently from the thought.

Everything is, because the Supreme is. Thus everything comes out of the Supreme and thereby remains without cause. There is no duality of cause and effect. There is only one very root cause, that is, the sense of “I am”. From the Supreme, the “I am” emerges as the light of consciousness and from consciousness there appears to be infinities of cause but only in relation to its own infinities of cause. From the Supreme, there remains but the Supreme alone; without cause, eternal, absolute. Thus, being the only reality, you are That; the “I am” is That, the world is That.

Just as the rays of light are never seen unless intercepted by objects, so does the Supreme make everything known, Itself remaining unknown. You are That by which everything is known.

Thursday, September 28, 7:00-9:00pm

Ultimately, no matter the path you follow, earnestness in your endeavor to know yourself determines the rate of your progress. Some paths are long or short, but most of them presuppose the existence of a separate “I” looking to reach something outside of itself, something that can only be found in time.

Self-inquiry is the direct means to get rid of both the notion of a goal to be found in time as for the notion of a separate “I”. Self-inquiry is the proper means to realize that all there is, in our experience, is the only reality of the Self – That which is Here and Now.

Thursday, September 21, 7:00-9:00pm

The direct means to realize that you are consciousness and not the mind, is simply to stand as the consciousness that you are. Consciousness alone is aware of the mind and thus knows the mind. When you let the mind drive your attention externally, you loose sight of consciousness. When you abide in consciousness, there is only consciousness.

Alone is real that which is consciousness. Therefore, everything is consciousness. As you hold onto the conviction that there is only consciousness, this conviction matures and becomes your direct, steadfast experience. Than there is no doubt, no longer any mistaking the unreal for the real. There is only consciousness and existence is That.

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Friday, Sept 15, 7h00-9h00pm & Weekend of Inquiry, Sept 16-17, 2017

Location: Ram Spring Wellness Center, 443 Upper Ganges Rd

Thursday, September 14, 7:00-9:00pm

Self-realization is seeing the reality of life as a whole. Out of self-realization comes humility, detachment, fundamental peace, clarity and a pure heart. Subsequently, the notion of a doer and free will, also vanishes. There remains the utmost free integral sense of true being, utterly spontaneous, transparent and yet all encompassing.

From the impersonal, you acquire universal, direct knowledge; that is wisdom. From seeing everything as yourself, you become love itself. There stands revealed the infinity and unity of consciousness and existence – eternal majesty of the Self.

Thursday, September 07, 7:00-9:00pm

The root cause of duality lies in the notion that you are the mind-body alone – the gross plane of existence. From such identification with the mind-body, you cannot know your true nature; because it is devoid of mind-body, precisely. And yet, the knowledge that you are is immanent, but overlooked.

Being cannot be known, for it is not something of mind nor can it be sensed, since it is not of the physical. Being can only be known directly, without an intermediary. Therefore, it is the most intimate, immediate, obvious, and most real for it is everlasting and not depending on anything nor anyone to confirm its existence.

You cannot know yourself; for what you call yourself, never existed. Being, alone, knows the truth that you are. It alone knows of its own nature. It alone Is. It is everything and nothing. It is the Beyond, therefore you are That. Knowledge of Self dwells in the Heart.

Thursday, August 31, 7:00-9:00pm

The mind is an unsubstantial matter, fundamentally devoid of sentience, apart from the notion that you are the mind, identified as it were, as this separate self. The mind is itself designed to create this effect – fooling you, again and again; distracting you from acknowledging the truth that you are!

The mind is a mere organizational structure conceived in a way to seemingly correlate ideas and concepts together. No inherent independent intelligence in and of itself. The mind is a modulation of all that is perceived through the means of sensory responses out of which we create a world we call reality; but never touching nor understanding or even affecting in anyway what reality truly is. And yet, there is no point to either attach a sense of purpose to the mind, nor to even attempt to discard or deny it, nor to control it; for it is nothing but a mere shadow that has no binding whatsoever with anything, other than onto subsequent thinking – other projected shadows of its own making.

That which attempts to do anything with mind, is also of the mind. Therefore, understand the mind first and foremost; because if you simply let the mind direct your attention towards its own objects of thought, which it can only do, you simultaneously give way to this false identity for ever struggling to consolidate itself; but in vain.

Self-realization is to see what is what; as the false for the false and the truth for the truth. Thus, self-realization is simply, purely, seeing everything as it is; while forever standing as the substratum from which the mind springs. When you focus on the mind, you only see the mind. When you stand as the substratum that you are, you see everything as the substratum. Only then is there no problem with mind. Prior to the inception of mind, you are. The world is real only when you are!

Thursday, August 24, 7:00-9:00pm

The Self is not to be attained nor realized; because it is forever immanent in this present experience that we call living. It is the Truth of your own self but you are unaware of it, and that is all! You are taking the rope for the snake and endlessly thinking about what to do with the snake; while standing burdened as this little separate self. All in vain, for the snake never came into existence…

It is because you assume to see a snake that you are not seeing the rope. The rope has always been there – the only reality. When you have that clear understanding that the snake never came into existence, the question of what to do with the snake also becomes futile. Similarly, if you understand that what you call yourself also never existed other than within your own imagination, you will not be concerned about ways and means of getting rid of it, nor to reach for anything greater; not even for the so-called realization of Self.

Let all beliefs go of what you take everything and yourself to be and get firmly established in the conviction that you are the Self into which all forms, objects, minds appear and disappear. I am the consciousness which remains unchanged and unaffected by all appearances and disappearances. I am the Self.

Thursday, August 17, 7:00-9:00pm

All that you can be sure of, is that you are. Everything else is a matter of perception and can always be questioned. Thus, the direct way to self-knowledge is to consider all perceptions as not this nor that.

The very fact of perception, indicates that you are neither the perceived object nor the perceiver. Both perceived object and perceiver appear in your perception. Prior to all perceptions, you are. The clearer will you understand this, the less will you look for yourself and the sooner will you come to the realization that you are the immediacy of infinite being.

Thursday, August 10, 7:00-9:00pm

Nothing is more immediate and obvious, most intimate and direct then that sense of “I am”. Before any thought, perception and action, the sense of “I am” prevails. Even if you happen to take yourself for the mind-body apparatus, while perceiving an external world, the sense of “I am” remains the primary element of all cognition; inwardly and outwardly. But because you let such mind-body apparatus direct your attention towards externalities, you come to mistake that “I am” with that “I am not”; thus creating an apparent separation with the Godly Principle that this “I am” is truly and essentially all about!

There is no such a thing as a lost soul, only a seeming process of mistaking oneself for that which one is not; hence ever turning around in circles, endlessly looking for something that does not exist. Only That which Is remains. Everything that is not, never comes into existence. Therefore, abide as that “I am”. “I am” that “I am” is the only Truth!

Thursday, August 03, 7:00-9:00pm

Your thought of the world is not the world. Your thought of the physical body is not the physical body. Your thought of the emotional body is not the emotional body. Your thought of the mental body is not the mental body. Your thought of the I-thought is not the I-thought. Your thought of the consciousness is not the consciousness.

Everything you can know of, is not That. Therefore, there is no consciousness, no I-thought, no mental body, no emotional body, no physical body, no world. There remains only That which is the basis, the content of everything that may or may not come into existence.

When everything is seen as neither this nor that, there stands revealed the immutability and splendor of That which alone is Reality. There is only That. Everything is That. You and the world are That. That is The thought!

Thursday, July 27, 7:00-9:00pm

Prior to knowing or not knowing, you are. Before and after the world, you are. The world is real only because you are.

Find That who stages the play of consciousness and the world, for That alone knows the consciousness and the world. Nothing can be added to That nor subtracted from That. You can only recognize the Truth and let the Truth take over. There remains no one to be concerned about anything, nor to perceive a world apart from or different than That.

Nothing has ever been forgotten. There has only been a misidentification with the thought that you are not and suffered such non-existence. To know oneself is to see the thought for the thought it is; thereby seeing beyond the thought. You are the thought of the Supreme; therefore, leave it all to the Supreme.

Thursday, June 20, 7:00-9:00pm

The “I” does not awaken. There is only an awakening taking place out of the dream world of the so called “I”. An awakening which pertains to consciousness itself. In fact, there is no such thing as reaching self-realization. For self-realization is but of the nature of what already is. It is not something to achieve in the future, for it is not something that exists in the realm of time nor something that can be grasped as you would grasp a solid object. It is neither a form nor an object nor an experience or an event that may happen to “you”. It is neither an idea that one can incorporate into one’s life, nor a goal that one can strive for. Self-realization is not of time and it is not personal – It is timeless, dimensionless, eternal and simply revealed as That which alone Is.

When it is perfectly understood that what you call “I” never existed, there remains Reality alone – That which you essentially and truly are. Therefore, the invitation is to rest as That. It, alone, will take “you” over. That will be the day when perfected embodiment of Self will take place of its own accord. You are That.

Thursday, June 13, 7:00-9:00pm

The world is the body of the mind. The mind is the body of consciousness and consciousness is the body of the Supreme. Everything derives its substance from the Supreme. The Supreme is the Soul of it all; the very principle of intelligence and life of everything knowable and unknowable.

Without the Supreme, there is no consciousness, no mind, no world, no nothing. Everything Is, because of the Supreme. The Supreme Is Reality.

“The Enlightened One, Is He Who’s Abode Is The Supreme
I bow to the Supreme in you”

Thursday, June 06, 7:00-9:00pm

All phenomena appear and disappear, come and go, as specks of dust playing around in the light. The light illuminates the specks, but is not affected nor depends on them. Everything is, because of the light of Consciousness.

When it is known that there is no one there to be doing anything, there is peace. A peace that will always shine regardless of whatever may appear in the multitude of dusts in the win. You remain unburdened and for ever free as you have always been and will always be. You are the light of Consciousness.

Thursday, June 29, 7:00-9:00pm

The “I am” is the start and the end of the journey. Inwardly, it points at the truth of oneself and outwardly, it brings a world into existence.

To go deeper into the “I am”, is to even move into what is earlier and even more present than this “I am”. It is neither an inner nor an outer state. What it is, you cannot know; for no knower can enter. Alone there lies pure consciousness, pure existence – pure Bliss. Reality is That.

Thursday, June 22, 7:00-9:00pm

It is not possible to be anything other than the “I am”. Even when taking oneself for the “I am not”, there lies the sense of “I am”. The mere perception of the “I am not”, underlies that one is the “I am”. The knowledge of “I am” prevails no matter what; but this knowledge is not a cognitive knowledge, nothing to do with the mind.

One does not come to the “I am” from a place of the “I am not”. Only by negation of the “I am not”, is the “I am” found. There remains That which knows the “I am”. I am That!

Thursday, June 15, 7:00-9:00pm

Because of ignorance, you’ve created of world of suffering; and out of suffering, you’ve been seeking freedom. Without understanding the “I”, all seeking will only keep you entangled in the wheel of samsara.

You must first understand who you are, independently from all preconceived ideas and notions about who you are. Everything you think you know, everything you take yourself to be must be discarded. Only in the nakedness of yourself, lies the Truth of yourself.

Vichara (self-inquiry) means, knowledge of the Atman of the “I”. When you know that you are the Atman of the “I”, than you no longer mistake yourself for that which you are not. There comes the realization that the “I” never existed. There remains the “I” of the “I”. The “I-I” is freedom Itself.

Thursday, June 1, 7:00-9:00pm, 2017

Satsang is the association with Sat, meaning Truth.

Satsang is not about this or that. It is not about becoming, acquiring nor freeing oneself from anything. In Satsang we find that we are at home and complete; inseparable from the immensity and totality of life. We discover that we are That which we’ve been longing for.

In Satsang we find that the being is so precious, we don’t waste it by giving rise to questions such as “what is this or that”, “who was I or will I become”. In Satsang we stick with one simple question that is, “Who am I” until there are no doubts.

In Satsang there are no beliefs, notions, intentions, desires, and illusions. This is freedom; freedom from time, freedom from the mind. Leaving the mind aside means Satsang.

In Satsang we rest in the Heart.

Wednesday, November 23, 5:00-6:30pm, 2016

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Realization of Self is not to be gained anew. If such were the case, it would not be realization of Self but a mere passing realization which you may mistake for the truth of the Self. No matter how high may be the realization, anything achievable, anything recognizable, anything you can know about, is not It – not the Self; but something pertaining to the separate self, which is the only one obstacle.

How to remove the one very obstacle that is the separate self? Inquiry into the separate self reveals its unreality; and there stands in Its immutability and everlasting splendor, the immanency of the Self. Only the Self is realized!

Wednesday, November 23, 5:00-6:30pm

Everything we know of the world, our entire experience of the world, is known by the mind; which revolves around the sense of “I”. Thus, the mind’s knowledge of the world can only go as far as the knowledge of the “I”. Without the “I”, there is no mind and without the mind, no perception of a world. So, as far as reality goes, the world is nothing other but a direct reflexion of the way we understand ourselves.

There is no greater pursue but to engage into knowing the true nature of the “I”. Unless the true nature of the “I” is known, we cannot know anything true about the world. Inquiry into the self is the direct means to know the truth both of the “I” and the world.

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Friday, Nov 18, 7h30-9h30pm & Weekend of Inquiry, Nov 19-20, 2016

Location: Salt Spring Island Wellness Center, 120 Hereford Ave, Ganges

Wednesday, November 16, 5:00-6:30pm

We are so convinced about the reality of an internal or external world; but never so certain about that which says “I”. And yet, without knowing anything about the “I”, how can we be so sure about the reality of anything else?

From ignorance we create a world of suffering and then wonder how to solve such suffering. Therefore, to end suffering is to first end ignorance through inquiry into the self. Once you find out that there is no self without the idea of such a self, there remains only the truth of the Self. Realization of Self alone is liberation!

Wednesday, November 9, 5:00-6:30pm

The very only cause of all of our problems, is that we take ourselves to be that which we are not – the personal; which is mind’s activity. Why would you pursue the non-self when already being the truth that you are? The truth is that there is only the Self; and so you can already and forever be but the Self.

You are looking for a personal realization which only leads to further personal realizations and never seeing the end of such process. You are taking for granted that you are the personal which endlessly requires further realizations as apart from itself. Thus, any realization on that level is secondhand, redundant, fleeting and so will never fully satisfy you!

Unless the realization is eternal it cannot serve any useful purpose. The invitation is to recognize the already existing truth that there is only the impersonal and that you are the impersonal by which you know yourself and can only know yourself. That alone is the resolve of all problems. That alone is realization; the only permanent and absolute realization that you are nothing other but the Self.

Wednesday, November 2, 5:00-6:30pm

How difficult is it to rest as one’s self while letting go of the stories of mind? Very simple procedure. A mere switch in one’s attention. A mere inward turn as opposed to an outward turn. Once the attention of mind is turned within, in the silence of one’s own self, something greater can reveal itself. Then there is no longer an inside nor outside world. There remains the greater alone which is reality – one’s own true nature.

There is no other liberation but to find That which is already free within. All attempts of the “I” to free itself from past latent tendencies, will only add further latent tendencies onto this “I”. Therefore, you must cut the very root cause of all latent tendencies, which is the “I”. Inquiry into the “I” reveals the non-existence of the “I”; and there crumbles along all latent tendencies.

“There is nothing to be free from for the one who experiences liberation.”

Wednesday, October 26, 5:00-6:30pm

When you can recognize the Supreme as being that which says “I am” and abide as That, alone is true worship. Because then it is understood that there is only the Supreme and there is no life apart from That; and so no awareness of consciousness, of people, of a world existing as separated from That. Therefore, the worship of the “I am” leads to purity of consciousness and existence – that is Bliss. Only then can you see the ending of your burdens and conflicts and endless illusory pursues.

The day will dawn when all there will be left to do, is to rest as that “I am” and to recognize that “I am” as the Truth of life. Recognition of Truth alone is liberation.

Wednesday, October 19, 5:00-6:30pm

Only because of the absolute reality of the Self, is there a seer, which, through the mind-body phenomena, perceives a world of external objects. If there is no Self, there is no seer, no mind-body and no perceived objects.

The Self is the ultimate seer. When passing through the mind, the seer becomes the separate self as divided from an external, perceived world. When the seer draws its attention back from external perceived objects and fixes into itself, its universal nature points at the ultimate reality – that of the Self. So all is there to do, is to let go of objects of mind and remain as the pure seer!

You will only know of yourself as forever existing not apart from the Self, when no thoughts ever take you away from the Self. That will be the day when the world will be seen as nothing other but the Self alone!

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Friday, October 14, 7h30-9h30pm & Weekend of Inquiry, October 15-16, 2016

Location: Salt Spring Island Wellness Center, 120 Hereford Ave, Ganges

Thursday, October 6, 5:30-7:30pm

Reality is and remains something that cannot be grasped or understood on the level of the mind. It has never been understood and will never be understood, because reality is beyond time and space. Reality is timeless, dimensionless, directionless and causeless. It is without origin. It is the absolute! Being absolute, That alone knows itself as there is only itself and no one else to ever be existing as anything other than That.

Anything other than reality is the world of relative phenomenon into which there appears to be an “I” mistaking itself for the mind-body apparatus and for ever seeking to fulfill itself in time and space but in vain, for time and space are illusory. At some point or another, that which says “I” no longer references itself with nothing else but itself alone.

When you come to realize that you can only already be yourself, there remains only reality. That is pure devotion because then there is nothing out there that is not you. Reality and devotion are one and the same! Abide as who you are in the silence of a pure heart, prior to the inception of a world and the Supreme shall be revealed before you as who you truly are!

Thursday, September 29, 5:30-7:30pm

Reality is not made out of planes, dimensions, hierarchies or grades. These exist in relation with an experiencer. There are different depths of experience but only on the level of the experiencer. Similarly, reality does not evolve or devolve. There are only cycles into which certain experiences or faculties of perceiving may take place from the stand point of the experiencer.

Reality cannot be experienced. Reality is not something an experiencer may discover along the way, at one time or another. Reality is something that shows itself when the experiencer is no longer attempting to reach out for anything outside of itself. The experiencer cannot even see itself and yet, one cannot deny oneself because in truth there is only being. To be is to understand, to realize; hence “I am that I am”.

Everything has its being in reality, and because of reality. It is because you take that being for anything other than reality, that such reality is obscured. As a result you become bound by the ideas and actions of the experiencer. Therefore, inquire into that “I am” until the truth of yourself shines forth as the only reality.

“I am in the heart of all beings, I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all possible forms of life and intelligence – everything is, because I am.”

Thursday, September 22, 5-7pm

There is no moment in one’s life where there is not an endeavor to know oneself. To be, is to know oneself. Consciousness’s only purpose is to be and to know itself hence creation! Creation is the means for consciousness to look, to know, to reflect on and be aware of itself. No consciousness, no beingness. No beingness, no existence. Similarly, no existence, no beingness and no beingness, no consciousness.

To acknowledge that one is consciousness, is simply to be aware. Not just aware of this or that but directly aware of what is. To see that existence is not separate from consciousness is simply to rest as existing. Not existing as this or that but simply existing as existence. Then existing as existence points at awareness aware of itself. Pure existence reveals pure consciousness and pure consciousness reveals pure existence. That is the doorway to the Beyond alone. That is Grace, unfolding as the perfected totality in infinity that is oneself, for ever at one in divinity, eternally and timelessly, as both consciousness and creation; as the union of the universal with the individual; as the very non-duality in duality; as the singularity of the unmanifest as the manifest; that is the Self. That is realization of the Self.

Thursday, September 15, 5-7pm

As long as you will let the mind direct the flow of your attention, you will be disillusioned by a world appearing outside of yourself – an external world into which you will seek to become and acquire; as you will be subject to time and space, conditioned, as it were, by a past and depending on a future that will never come! Essentially, as long as you will miss-identify with the mind-body apparatus, you will be imprisoned into believing that your happiness only resides outwardly; never fully at peace within your own self, forever independent and free.

Everything that begins, also ends. Whatever goes up, also goes down. Whatever you gain, you will loose. Any state you may reach, will yet but lead to another state. Everything attainable, anything experience-able, anything you can realize is not permanent, thus unreal. Find That which neither comes nor goes, which neither rises nor subsides, which remains permanent – that which is one’s true nature of Infinite Being. Everything else comes of its own accord, perfectly, naturally and absolutely for there is nothing out there other than That!

Thursday, September 1, 5-7pm

As long as you will rely on the mind to know yourself and the world, you will mistake yourself and the world for the mind. Until you realize that you’re rather the awareness of the mind and the world, you will run around in circles, indefinitely, seeking to answer imaginary questions of your own!

What you call yourself or the world, is a mere projection out of the dream that is the mind. Without awareness, there is no mind and no world. Prior to and beyond the awareness of mind, is the Self alone; That which is the giver of Grace. You are the supreme Self forever coming forth as the eternal splendor of reality. You and the world are That!

Thursday, August 25, 5-7pm

All there is to life is Enlightenment. No Enlightenment, no life. It is surrounding everything and everyone, as it is allowing everything and everyone to even be there and vibrate in intelligence. It is the sentience within the insentient; the immaterial within the material; the spirit within the mind-body apparatus. It is the impersonal within the personal. It is the light within consciousness and the living force within creation. It is That which alone is aware not only of everything of existence and consciousness but also of its own awareness. Enlightenment is even beyond it all. Enlightenment is Reality!

Enlightenment alone is the path. It is at the beginning of the journey and at the end of the journey. It is That which is not a journey; That which reveals that no journey has never come about. Even the idea of liberation or bondage is illusory as there has never been anybody nor anything existing apart from That. Enlightenment is the conviction that even any conviction has never been needed. To see that there has only been Enlightenment, is Enlightenment. To know That, to be That, to see nothing other than That, is Enlightenment.

Thursday, August 18, 5-7pm

The very cause of all problems is rooted in the separate sense of self. No separate sense of self, no problems. When all that you believe to be is seen as that which you are not, there remains only That which you truly are – the Self.

Just as the space found in the ground was already there before digging, so it is with the Self and thought. Any thought appears in the Self, but is not the Self and yet the thought can only be known by the Self. Thus, one should not mistake one’s self for the thought but remains as who one is devoid of the thought. When there is no thought veiling who you truly are, everything is seen as the Self. You are That!

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Weekend of Inquiry, August 12-13-14, 2016

Location: Salt Spring Island Wellness Center, 120 Hereford Ave, Ganges

Thursday, August 11, 5-7pm

The Supreme’s very innate quality, ever shines as the totality of life; the all embracing, the divine union of consciousness with existence! Thus, what other means to venerate the Supreme but to abide as That?

In order to seek experience, understanding or realization, one must first admit one’s own existing sense of self; that is the subject. Before any seeking, there must first be a seeker. Everyone says: “I am seeking this or seeking that”. Without that existing sense of self, nothing of consciousness or existence would be experienced, understood or realized. Thus, to inquire into the nature of that self, and to remain as one’s self, is the direct means to find one’s true nature and to steadily abide as That.

Thursday, August 4, 5-7pm

The Buddha once said: “no one ever entered Nirvana”. If no one ever entered “Nirvana”, it is because there has never been anyone out there, to start with! And yet, something or someone seems to have taken the role of a self. Self-inquiry’s very purposes, is not to lead you to a place called “Nirvana”, but to see, factually, directly that everything you take yourself to be, you are not. This is when and only then, that the Beyond may take over.

All experiences, all states and stages revolve around the different degrees of awareness or perception, from the subtlest to the grossest; from the immaterial to the material; from the “I am” to the “I am not”; all appearing and disappearing into the Beyond – That by which all states are known. You are the Absolute into which the whole spectrum of consciousness takes place. The Absolute is the only reality and no one can enter it!

You do not want “Nirvana”, because you are not going to be there to know anything about it.

Thursday, July 28, 5-7pm

When looking at our lives, it is curious to realize that instead of coming from an universal perspective, we choose to fixate on a little fragment we call one’s self, and thus experience such imposed limitation. Instead of embracing the reality of the universal, and look at our lives from such vastness and absolute truth, we choose to believe that, in our experience, there is only a separate individual, forever confused about what it is, forever struggling with itself and striving to reach something outside of itself; never fully experiencing anything durable, everlastingly meaningful, utterly real and beautiful, of utmost simplicity, clarity and sacredness – forever at one with the whole of life.

There is no greater irony than this – that being the universal, we seek the universal. We think that there is something to understand about this separate self and that it must evolve into a so-called higher dimension before the universal may be found. The day will dawn when you will laugh at all your unnecessary strivings; a day which will only be found here and now!

Thursday, July 21, 5-7pm

Satsang’s sacred word means “to gather in truth that is being”. “Sat” means being and “sang” means sanga, that is community. So Satsang is an invitation to get together and celebrate that beingness that we truly and forever are.

In Satsang there is no story-case of what one may or may not be, of what one may know or not know. As a result, there is also not much of anything that you may, in return, bring back with you, if not a little less of “yourself”. You may be left naked, alone with no more shields to carry around and so no fear left; but light as light, with the vastness of all possibilities that lay before you – for you may come to know that you are life itself; the totality of it all.

When there is no longer any “I” to stand against the greater “I”, all bondage drops off as if nothing of the “I” ever existed. The realization will arise that you have never been that which you’ve believed yourself to be; that you were, truly, never born and will never die, that you are That which you can only be; that you are and forever are, your own true self – eternal, free, fully realized as That!

Thursday, July 14, 5-7pm

One’s true eternal Self-nature says: “I am realized”! There is only the truth that “I am”, forever abiding as that “I am” throughout the infinity of consciousness and existence. “I am” is Reality. Thus, all that is left to do is to remain as that “I am” and put aside all unnecessary pursues.

When you abide as that “I am” there is no doubt about it all! Self-realization is not a matter of gaining anything, but to remain as who one is while discarding everything that one is not. Soon or later, all latent tendencies, veiling that realization, will disclose their unreality and you will stand alone and unencumbered, as you have always been, regardless, without your knowing. The “I am” tells you: “let go of everything you are not, remains as you are and all will fall into place in the light of that I am”.

Thursday, July 7, 5-7pm

Soon or later, one must find out who one really is; that is, who is the one who says “I”. Whatever practice one may be following, one will have to return to one’s self and abide as one’s true self. Any spiritual practice presupposes the retention of the mind as the instrument for carrying on the practice, for without the mind, there cannot be any practice. The mind may take on other and subtler forms of identity along the way at different stages of the so-called practice, but the mind itself is never transcended. Self-inquiry addresses such a gap! Self-inquiry’s very purpose is to unveil the true nature of the “I”. Self-inquiry is the immediate and direct means to realize the Self. Self-inquiry and self-realization are one.

Thursday, June 30, 5-7pm

Whatever thoughts arise as obstacles to being one’s self, the mind’s attention should not be allowed to go in their direction; but turned inward and to rest in the heart. One should never be fooled by thoughts; for thoughts do not lead to reality. This is the proper means to witness the ending of all bondage.

It is only because we say “I” that the world appears a certain way. No “I”, no perceived world; no “I”, no bondage. To really understand the nature of the world, one must go at the source of the “I”. At the root of the “I” is the awareness of the “I”. Abide as That; and the Beyond will take hold of you; letting you see a world not apart from Itself. You are the Beyond and the world is That.

Wednesday, June 22, 12-2pm

The only way to adore the Supreme is to abide as That – the “I am” of consciousness. The first expression of consciousness is the thought of “I”, but the true “I” is not a thought construct. The true “I” is that which precedes all thoughts. It is the true “I” which knows that a thought is a thought. The true “I” is that which is aware of thought. The true “I” is that which the thought is made of and that by which it is known.

The true “I” is not a thought; the true “I” both creates the mind and transcends the mind. In reality, there isn’t even anybody to identify as mind. There is only a phenomena appearing and disappearing as mind over the ocean of consciousness that you are. You are not the mind. You are That which knows that “I am”.

Wednesday, June 14, 12-2pm

Every one says “I am”, but every one takes that “I am” for that which one is not. Nothing else is so obvious, undeniable and immediate than the true “I am” and yet, we make the mistake of identifying that “I am” with the sensory and mental responses. The “I am” exists independently from anything and yet the “I am” is everything. Therefore, to inquire into the “I am” and to rest as that “I am”, is all there is to do. “I am” that “I am” is reality.

Satsang on Salt Spring Island

Weekend of Inquiry, June 24-25-26, 2016

Location: 197 Monteith Road, Vesuvius Area, Saltspring BC

Inviting inquiry into the nature of the self

Ongoing Classes on Jnana Yoga (Non-Duality)
Every Friday, from July 17 to December 11, 2015

Spontaneous talk on the nature of consciousness (Dec classes)

Friday, December 11, from 7pm to 9pm

Location: Vancouver Healing Center, Studio #9 – 3612 West 4th Avenue

The world exists because of the body, and the body exists because of the mind, and the mind exists because of consciousness, and consciousness exists because of Reality. It is because of Reality alone, that everything is as it is. Thus, there is no finding Reality. There is only the waking up from the dream world of separate self. Self-inquiry is the direct means to unveil That which we already are. When the separate self is seen as non-existent and thereby naturally given up, the splendor of Reality shines forth.

Friday, December 4, from 7pm to 9pm

How to “realize” that which alone is real? Self-inquiry is the process in which we get to know that what we’re looking for, is That which we already Are.

Self-inquiry as a means to attain Jnana (Nov classes)

Saturday, November 28, Ninth class – PART FOUR

The practice of self-inquiry is to lead one to the essence of all experience which is the sense “I am”. That “I am”, is the only element of experience that remains present throughout all experience. The “I am” pervades all experience. The “I am” is the first thing that ever arises in consciousness. Without that “I am”, there is nothing that you can indicate as “this” or “that”. The “I am” is and remains the very genesis of all experience. Surely, you cannot be something other than that “I am”. But because that “I am” is not a tangible experience, that “I am” is nothing perceivable, or imaginable or thinkable and yet, everyone’s direct and most intimate experience, is that “I am”. It cannot be known because it is not a thought process. At best, you can say “I am not this nor that”. Without you, the “I am”, there can be neither perception, sensation nor mind. That “I am“ is the beginning and ending of all experience and yet, you exist prior to that “I am”. You are That which knows that “I am”.

Spontaneous talk on the nature of reality

Friday, November 13, Ninth class – PART TWO

  • The relative states of consciousness and the stateless, absolute consciousness
    – The awake state (gross)
    – The dream state (subtle)
    – The dreamless state (causal)
    – The pure ever present witness state (turiya)
    – The beyond and all inclusive stateless (turiyatita)

Friday, November 6, Ninth class – PART ONE

  • Living the truth of non-duality into the world of events and appearances
    – The reality of our experience
    – Prior to the world, “I am”
    – The process following which consciousness comes into existence
    – Consciousness as the truth of the world
    – Being oneself as consciousness and existence

Self-inquiry as a direct path to self-realization (Oct classes)

Friday, October 30. Height class – PART FIVE

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Jnana yoga is the practice of inquiry into the self, which leads to the realization of who you truly are. We know who we are, and yet, we tend to mistake ourselves for that which we are not – the body/mind apparatus. This is the cause of all bondage. Self-inquiry will subdue that process of false identification, until all that remains is the “I am” alone. It is then that the Beyond may take over, leaving only a pristine state of freedom. Self-inquiry is the direct means to attain the non-dual Self that we already and forever are.

  • The simplicity of living
    – Non-duality underlying duality
    – Embracing the flow of life wanting to ever expend through seeming duality
    – The wandering soul returning home
    – To see freedom within suffering
    – Life alone is the path
    – The difficulties of life from a place of Grace

Friday, October 23. Height class – PART FOUR

  • Understanding oneself from a place of non-duality
    – The direct experience of “I am”
    – Self-inquiry as a means to render manifest the true “I”
    – How is non-duality viewing the mind
    – Acquiring the skills to master the mind
    – Understanding mind’s mechanic in order to properly use it
    – How identification with mind hinders the free flow of life
    – To subdue the thought patterns from a place of non-duality
    – Empowered liberation

Friday, October 16. Height class – PART THREE

  • On the nature of self-knowledge
    – The “I am” as the doorway to self-realization
    – Awakening from the dream world of the “I-thought”
    – Consciousness as an evolutionary impulse to ever seek to know itself
    – Mistaking the “I am” for the “I am not”
    – Unveiling the inner knowing of the “I am”
    – We are not what we think we are, we are That which knows that “I am”
    – The two sadhanas: pre-sadhana and post-sadhana

Friday, October 9. Height class – PART TWO

  • On the nature of the “I am”
    – Jnana yoga’s peculiarity as the means to directly address the “I am”
    – Jnana yoga’s purpose is to negate all that you are not in order to reveal the purity of the “I am”
    – The “I am” as being the only permanency in our experience
    – Self-inquiry as an inward turn of the mind as opposed to an analyze of its content
    – Tracing the mind’s first mode to its source
    – The world “is” because “I am”
  • On the nature of the Self
    – Understanding reality as being nothing other than the effulgent Self
    – Self-realization as being the only truth underlying our experience
    – The only purpose of all experience is to point at the Self
    – The “I am” as the doorway to the Self
    – Proper and persistent inquiry into the nature of “I am” leading to abiding realization of the Self

Friday, October 2. Height class – PART ONE

  • Self-inquiry as a means to unveil the Self
  • Self-inquiry as a direct path
  • The Knowledge of the Self
  • Using the mind to go beyond mind
  • Self-inquiry as a means to go at the root of “I am”
  • Going beyond the mind’s content
  • Emptying the mind of its content
  • The true “I” versus the false “I”
  • The “I-I”

On the nature of Awakening (Sept classes)

Friday, September 25, Seventh class – PART FOUR

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

The nature of true Awakening is largely misunderstood. Some degree of awakening can shed light on the nature of reality, but a partial awakening can also lead to the most deceptive and delusional states of mind. The concept of awakening is often mistakenly conceived as a state that the individual may claim as his own, whereas the essence of awakening implies a surrender of self, which leads to a place of perfect union with the ultimate Reality. There are usually large gaps in between the various stages of intermittent awakening; these can be attributed to remaining tendencies of mind-body identification, and to the stages of integration and crystallization of an abiding awakening.

In and of itself, awakening does not pertain to the personal but to that which gives sentience to the personal. This is the evolutionary impulse of consciousness to realize itself by assuming the form of a wandering soul, to transit from the personal to the impersonal and back to its very source as the non-dual Self.

The practice of self-inquiry as a means of finding the Self is a direct method, in the sense that it addresses the fundamental question “Who am I”, until there remains the Knowing alone of that “I am”. The moment you start looking for the self and go deeper and deeper, the real Self is waiting there to take you in. Then whatever is done is done by something else and you have no hand in it. In this process, all seeking and concerns and doubts, are automatically given up, there remains consciousness as a whole, unfolding naturally, radiant and pure.

  • On the nature of experience
    – Willingness to experience things as they are
    – Noticing all options available in our now experience
    – Celebrating the stillness in the midst of all experiences
    – Seeing experience as an announcement of liberation
    – The experience of ever expending within the non-experience
  • Inviting the unknown
    – Acknowledging the vastness of your own self
    – Noticing all is at rest
    – Effortlessly embracing the totality that we are
    – To let the unknown reveal all that is to be known
    – To unknown the field of our circumstance
  • Creating one’s reality
    – Ever attempting to push away or running towards what’s never here
    – We are the love we’re looking for
    – Releasing the energy of falsehood
    – Revealing the ever present infinite potential to ever create
    – The immanency of all possibilities in our hands
  • The energy of the unbound
    – Unbounded into the bounded
    – Not to be bound by anything
    – The one in the many and the many in the one
    – To see freedom within limitation and suffering
    – The option of being able to say yes to everything
  • Seamless dance of stillness
    – Naturally here and never anywhere else
    – Noticing the option of accepting life just as it is
    – Not being in the presence of benefits and efficiency
    – Having the option to relax any sense of altering anything at all
    – Being oneself regardless of not being oneself

Friday, September 18. Seventh class – PART THREE

  • The objectified and non-objectified consciousness
    – The non-separation of the observer and the observed
    – Mind’s process of perceiving and creating objects as external to itself
    – The self’s only capacity to see itself as an other object
    – The non-objectified consciousness
    – The all encompassing nature of the Self
  • The illusion and reality of the world
    – The illusion of the world
    – The world that appears out there is the world within you
    – The world out there revolves around you
    – Because you are, the world is
    – The reality of the world as the Self
  • On the nature of experience
    – Seeking experience before knowing the experiencer
    – All experiences are contained within the experiencer
    – Changing and elevating the vibration of the experience
    – Parallel realities
    – The Self as the container of all actualized possibilities

Friday September 11. Seventh class – PART TWO

  • Knowledge and ignorance
    – Knowledge versus Being
    – Knowledge is not intelligence
    – Knowing and humility
    – The illusory and relative nature of knowledge
    – Self-inquiry as a means to unknown the self
  • The subtleties of awakening
    – The simplicity and immediacy of Being
    – Awakening and surrender
    – From mind to no-mind and to the beyond
    – Catching the mind at its root
    – The dream of awakening
  • The process of integration
    – Full acceptance of what is
    – Allowing oneself to be undefinable
    – The energy of non-division towards mind, heart and gut
    – Seeing the Divine within the mundane
    – Life is the path
    – The Non-Dual Self

Friday September 4. Seventh class – PART ONE

  • Awakening for whom
    – Partial awakening versus abiding awakening
    – The gravitational field of the dream world
    – Mind as a modulation of the true-identity
    – The illusion of personal awakening
    – Common transitional phases
    – Attempts of the “I” to reclaim itself or sabotage itself
    – Incorrect vision of the path
    – Fixation in the absolute view, stuck in meaninglessness or no-purpose, hiding and avoidance
  • Misunderstanding in practices
    – Taking the practices and experiences as the real
    – Grasping at the myth of awakening
    – Realizing the state of no-self while neglecting existence
    – Being stuck as the witness

Talk on Non-Duality. Aug 23, 2015

Location: Blessed Coast Festival
60001 Squamish Valley Road, Brackendale, BC CA

Psychology in the Light of Grace:

Friday August 21. Sixth class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

There is nothing to resolve on the level of the personal, because you are not the personal – you are That which is aware of the personal. All possible problems can only arise as a result of your identification with the personal, and yet, it is the impersonal that gives sentience to the personal. To see that you are the awareness of the personal, is to find freedom at the core of everything as it pertains to consciousness and existence; it is to unveil Grace as the underlying Truth in the midst of your daily living experience.

  • Understanding the process of that which we believe to be ‘the mind’, and the limitations (and suffering) of the mind as the personal self
  • The mind’s never ending cycle of creating new problems over top of existing problems
  • Learning to see an end to all problems within the realm of the impersonal
  • Knowing the nature of the impersonal within the personal and (therefore) understanding that perceived problems never really existed
  • Our natural state of happiness
  • The descent of Grace

The Three Dimensions of Self

Friday August 14. Fifth class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

There are in effect many dimensions within consciousness: from the personal “acting out” (as separate from the impersonal), to the realization that it is only the impersonal which gives sentience to the personal; from the recognition of the omnipresence of the impersonal, to its perfected embodiment within the personal; the One Reality of consciousness and existence, radiating as Bliss.

  • The Personal Self
    – How the personal self comes into place and creates the illusion of the world
    – The search for identity and purpose within the tangible
    – The dichotomy of subject vs object
  • The Transcendent Self
    – The recognition of the impersonal, which gives sentience to the personal
    – Practice as a means to assist the embodiment of the impersonal into the personal
    – Phases of embodiment of the impersonal
  • The One Self
    – Fusion of the personal with the impersonal
    – The union of Brahman, Atman and Creation
    – The reality of the beyond; the Parabrahman

The Embodiment of Truth

Friday August 7. Fourth class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Self-realization has always been viewed as something out of reach, either reserved for mystics, or merely under the promise of being attained, if only one would commit to a particular path or discipline, while subjecting oneself to delusion, servitude, mistrust and doubt.

In this class, we will understand that what we are assuming ourselves to be, does not exist. That which we refer to as one’s self, is nothing more than a mere construct of thoughts which veil the truth of who we fundamentally are.

We will discover that what we are looking for is already our reality. There is no doing and no achieving, because given that no one is left, we therefore cannot exist apart from That Reality. There remains only That Reality.

  • The truth underlying consciousness and existence
  • The two practices. The pre-sadhanas and post-sadhanas.
    – Pre-Sadhanas: Awakening as an intermittent stage. Common pitfalls along the way.
    – Post-Sadhanas: Stabilization of awakening. Empowered liberation
  • Self-inquiry as a direct means to realize the Self.

The Blessings of Karma

Friday July 31. Third class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

It is karma which binds us into the realm of life and death, and karma comes from the belief that we are the doer. It is the doer who creates karma. In this class, we will come to the realization that there is no evidence that we are not already the freedom we are looking for, and are thereby effecting direct change into our experience. Because we create karma, we can change karma. The fact that we can change karma underlies the reality that we are already freedom itself, and that there exists neither karma, nor any doer. There is only freedom, and that freedom is reality itself; that which we are all seeking.

  • How the notion of the doer comes into play and creates karma
  • How karma is held in consciousness and activated through the field of experiences
  • The purpose underlying the production of karma through the cycle of life and death
  • Karma from the point of view of the universal
  • Karma as a field of perspectives underlying both an involutionary and evolutionary process
  • Karma as a means for the impersonal to experience itself through the personal
  • The birth of the soul into the universal as the gateway to the Beyond
  • The practice of self-inquiry as a means of realizing the stateless state of the Beyond

The three stages of realization of the non-dual Self

Friday July 24. Second class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

  • The belief of being the doer underlying the pursuit of the non-Dual Self
    – Understanding the subsequent process whereby identification with mind/body takes place
    – Examining the knowledge and recognition of the non-Dual Self as the background of experience
    – The culmination of realization of the non-Dual Self within experience

Jnana yoga (The path of Knowledge)

Friday July 17. First class

Location: Sacred Space Studio, 3574 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Jnana yoga is the practice of inquiring into the nature of the self. This practice leads to Jnani, which is to acknowledge and ultimately abide as the non-Dual Self that we essentially are.

  • The nature of self-inquiry as a direct path to self-realization
  • The two types of knowledge: Outer relative knowledge of mind/objects dichotomy versus universal, innate Knowledge of the non-Dual Self

Taking The Risk To Awaken

Saturday February 28, 2015

Location & Reservation: Open Door Yoga – 1651 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC, CA

It is the impersonal which lives through the personal. The impersonal is timeless, and does not undergo any change, nor does it seek, or become. The impersonal simply IS. It is neither far away, nor divided from the present moment. To awaken is to see the end of the dream world of the personal, and to see the impersonal as the only underlying truth of life.

Evening’s Satsang on Non-Duality. Mar 1, 2014

Location: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp – Sivananda Yoga, Quebec, CA

Evening’s Satsang on Non-Duality. Feb 1, 2014

Location: Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp – Sivananda Yoga, Quebec, CA

Satsang on Non-Duality. Dec 7, 2013

Location: Retraite l’Ermitage, Quebec, CA