The Immediacy of Infinite Being

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We spend our entire lives looking for direction and purpose, struggling to find a sense of identity. Regardless of how this search for meaning expresses itself within our lives, it will always be never-ending and in vain. We are unable to see that even as we seek, the truth of existence can be found in the very basis of the search itself. Because we are so concerned about our lives, we wander aimlessly without ever realizing that we are already at that place of utmost perfection, that our true nature is complete and free.

The Immediacy of Infinite Being explains how this seeking is based on the idea that we exist as separate identities, which is nothing more than a product of the mind’s limited mechanical functioning. In fact, identification with the mind is the only obstacle in the realization of true being. We are the very foundation of life itself in its immediacy, wholeness and sacredness.


The world as it is perceived, the life that we believe we lead, and the “I” we assume ourselves to be all arise as a play of consciousness within the heart of the infinite being that defines our true identity. Infinite being is all that will ever be.

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We keep saying “I” think this and “I” want that, while at the same time saying that we want to understand what is real! One must come to understand who one is before one can comprehend what is “out there” – if in fact there is anything “out there” that is independent from this “I”.

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1 review for The Immediacy of Infinite Being

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alan Swanson

    This gem of a book (far too short at 265 pages) is for those who are ready, for those who have tilled the fields of spiritual knowledge and inquiry and are prepared to accept the profound truths it offers.

    The teachings are given in a direct and straightforward manner, without any references or allusions to other traditions or disciplines. There are no offhand digressions into speculative philosophy designed to entertain and occupy the mind. The teachings stand alone in their own wisdom and clarity, and are therefore quite accessible to any sincere reader.

    These are not teachings of asceticism , negation, or avoidance, but rather of embracing the wholeness of who we truly are within the totality of consciousness.

    The role and function of the ego, the mind, and our world experience, are not demonized, but rather placed in context as necessary steps in our evolution toward the certain awakening to our True Self.

    Most importantly, Desthein continuously reminds us of the immediacy of our being, and the opportunity presented in each moment to surrender our investment in our personal stories and awaken into the awareness of what is, of Reality. There is therefore no need of engaging in prolonged practices or disciplines designed to improve or prepare ourselves, since such practices only affirm our separateness and serve to defer and avoid.

    Like the proverbial fingers pointing to the moon, each page is filled with “pointing out instructions” which are complete distillations of the entire understanding. Open at any page and the reader is presented with profound truth. Just a sugar cannot be described but must be tasted, following are just a few “tastes” for contemplation:

    “Self realization remains of the nature of intellectual knowledge until one has come to a place of complete dedication to the practice of awareness.” (p 18)

    “The change of perspective is all that is required. For at that moment, as the attention is reverted inwardly and released from the grip of the mind, not only is consciousness being realigned with its source, but the true nature of one’s self is also being revealed as the only reality.” (p 59)

    “You do not need to be a stranger to yourself. Invite in who you really are, and be of assistance to yourself while looking at everything passing by as it truly is.” (p 65)

    “It is not that the world is merely an illusion. The world is a representation of the totality of consciousness, which is the reality of the known and the unknown.” (p 81)

    “Because we are in the dark, we look for the light–as if it could be found in the dark. In order to find the light, you must first become a light onto yourself. There is no light outside of you.” (p 88)

    “Any field of experience takes place within a world you create for yourself–it is you, you are the experience as you are the world within which the experience takes place. You are the play of consciousness.” (p 89)

    “You are already the permanency of infinite being.” (p 93)

    “Your attachment to the “I” has prevented you from realizing that you are already laying on that beach, under the sun.” (p 130)

    “You do not have to do anything, for the “I” is already in the hands of infinite being.” (p 153)

    “The “I” is not a problem in itself; the problem lies in the unwillingness to surrender to one’s true nature.” (p 195)

    “It is not that you cease to exist as an individual; you are simply liberated from the misconception that you exist as a separate entity, and so you are free to live life to the fullest.” (p 260)

    And yet these are all only pointers. As Desthein has said elsewhere, “To take a teaching for the source can only mislead.” So his teachings are offered not as doctrine, but rather as guideposts as we all find our way to the source of our being.

    Desthein himself states the purpose of these teachings at p 224, “The reader may well read this material as an intellectual exercise, but such a reader will soon be left dry. True knowledge can only be experienced directly, and this is what this reading indicates. This material is only made for the ones who want to go for the experience of what is.”

    This reviewer has read and contemplated for decades all the deep wisdom teachings, ancient and modern, eastern and western, traditional and new age. Certainly since the truth is One, it has been expressed before in many different ways. But to my mind, seldom with the clarity, insight, and light found here. I highly recommend this book to those who are serious and committed to realizing their True Self.

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