The Destiny of Spirit

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The Destiny of Spirit demonstrates how the spirit is actually following a predestined path, a path which culminates in its unification with the highest principle of intelligence. This book is intended as a guide for readers on the journey of self-knowledge, in the hope that they may achieve a profound understanding of the very purpose of life. Here is instruction on how the mind may acclimate itself to those higher realms of consciousness to which, ultimately, the spirit must submit.


Most of our lives revolve around this little fragment of existence that we call ourselves and the world only exists out there, separated – a projection of our own limitations.
We identify with this little fragment and strive desperately and incessantly to make something out of it, something meaningful for ourselves and impressive to the eyes of others. And if we have embarked upon a spiritual path – with all its inherent challenges and complications and sporadic moments of spiritual insight – we still tend to strive towards the consolidation of spiritual currency for some lofty distant tomorrow of wisdom and bliss.

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Consciousness is the receptacle of thoughts. We might say that consciousness is the essence of being, and as such, it is not to be confused with the subjective consciousness we associate with the thinker that is distinguished from its thoughts.All thoughts arise because of that one thought “I”, which is essentially a mere bundle of thoughts. In asking the question, “To whom does thought belong?,” we immediately come to the “I-thought”. But the “I-thought” cannot exist without its thoughts. Once our sense of identity as “I-thought” is silent, only pure consciousness remains.

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