The Absolute

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It is commonly understood that we are separate individuals with our endless thoughts, fears and system of defences. It is thus assumed that we are condemned to suffer in the illusion of separateness. The Absolute will help you to understand who you really are. It is only with this genuine self-knowledge that you may experience the kind of purposeful existence that leads you to the highest goal: realization of the totality of being.


In realizing that we are in such deep servitude to our sense of individuality, and that we are constantly thinking about ourselves and our problems, we may come to the conclusion that self-realization is for others, that this state of perfect union with the totality of life is reserved for those exceptional beings who appear mysteriously in time, or else we think that self-realization is reserved for a far-away future, another life, another dimension… or that only a miracle could lead us to it. Or we think that it is only through some very lengthy ascetic practices, by following the so-called spiritual masters, or by undergoing numerous therapies and processes of introspection that we too will one day reach this state of higher consciousness. We thus feel the need to seek ways or tools that may serve us or at least give us the impression that we are nearing this state so arduously sought.

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The purpose of asking the question “Who am I?” is not to seek an answer, nor to get somewhere in particular. The goal is to emerge as a river that has joined the vast ocean that transmits the quality of the absolute. Such a question should allow the mind to merge with the absolute, not to become more than what it is but to disappear, to recognize itself as the absolute.

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